Sending Troops to Vietnam

When looking at the events leading up to American soldiers being sent to Vietnam it is a good idea to look at both the series of events that took place in Vietnam and the US.

The US got involved in Vietnam because of communist threats growing in the area. Beginning after the Vietnamese led by communist leader Ho Chi Minh declared independence from the French who they were a colony of. This declaration of independence will lead to a rise in Communism in Vietnam making it a concern for the US. Such as Pres. Truman who send military advisers as well as money to help the French put down this revolt. Because of the actions of communist leaders as well as China falling to communism they now will become a major area of concern for the US.

The US got involved in Vietnam with hopes that they could contain communism in Asia by stopping its spread to Vietnam. After the Vietnamese revolt Dwight Eisenhower got involved and divided the country into North and South Vietnam with the Communists in the north and the democracy in the South. Through this intervention though a corrupt government Led by Ngo Dinh Diem was set up in South Vietnam, which also lessen support for the war. A series of leaders follow in South Vietnam while in order to help the South Vietnamese fight the North Vietnamese until the Bay of Tonkin. During this time, JFK sent more military advisers until there were 16,000 in Vietnam. Early US involvement in Vietnam was caused by the threat of the spread of communism as well as protects democracy.

=====In the Bay of Tonkin by North Vietnam a US ship was patrolling when the North Vietnamese shot it at. This led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in which Pres. Lyndon Johnson asked that he be given permission to use military forces in Vietnam. This led to the first soldiers being sent to Vietnam as well as the first strategy of the war, which was operation-rolling thunder in which the US would bomb the North Vietnamese in hopes that they would surrender. 288200834634_Vietnam%20War2.jpg
This is a picture of Ho Chi Minh, the Communist leader of North Vietnam.