Life In Soviet Russia Summary

In 1917 a strict Soviet government was put in place in Russia. Over the course of several decades much of Eastern Europe joined Russia and became part of the Soviet Union. Life in the Soviet Union was a hard life the best. The government banned the freedom of speech with as well as any political parties that disagreed with the Communists. There was often a shortage of food or other necessary resources because of ineffective communist policies, which led to a stalled economy. The Soviet Unions lean towards a stronger military over economy led to this sort of self-destruction. The Soviet leaders tried to reform the system but to no avail. By the time the final Soviet leader Gorbachev came into power the Soviet Union was weak. His attempts to reform the government by giving the people more freedom backfired. Once they were given a little bit of freedom they demanded more and more. Many of the members of the Soviet Union began declaring their independence and those in Moscow could do nothing about it. When the Soviet Union broke down it had far-reaching consequences all across the earth. The people in Russia changed drastically when adapting to their new countries governments and social freedoms.