Read the last paragraph from ABC-CLIO and the second paragraph from CORE's discussion of the March to answer the question below:

What was the impact of the March on Washington?

It led to the passage of a Civil Rights Bill in 1964. It led to a change in public opinion concerning the Civil Rights Movement. At the same time it divided the CRM into more violent and non-violent factions.

If we didn't get to it in class, watch 16th Street to see what happened right after the March.


Read the essay from **TIME 100 - Martin Luther King** . As you do, respond to the following questions:

Why does the author feel that whites owe King the greatest debt?
The author felt that whites owed King a debt because he freed them from the generations old belief of the inferiority of the blacks. It also made America the leader of the "free world" without being hypocritical.

Was King "the right man at the right time"?
Yes, King was the right man at the right time becasue he had the public speaking abilities needed to lead the movement. It was also the right time because advances in technology gave a deeper impact to the civil rights movement.

Would King be upset with the current use of his most often quoted line? Why or why not? I think Dr. King would not be upset with the use of his most quoted line because it is used in other movements based on race to stop racisim in most forms.