What "changes" were making the efforts of African Americans more successful than ever? (CA 813)
Tweet –People saw racism evil led to Holocaust in war they fought in AA became connected against racism many AA move to cities and get more money to use

What happened with the buses in Montgomery in 1955? (CA 815, **video**)

Tweet – Rosa Parks arrested for not giving up her seat, blacks boycott buses and were met with racially fueled violence avoided buses a thend carpooled.

What was the impact of the Montgomery Bus Boycott? (CA 816, **video**)
Tweet – Montgomery buses disaggregated, civil rights movement started, King becomes a major civil rights leader. Example of nonviolent protests, which became of part of the moment,

What happened in Little Rock in 1957, and what were the results of this event? (CA 817)
Tweet – Little Rock high ordered to desegregate, nine students try but fail, face fierce resistance and violence threats, president forces governor to let them in.

What was the "massive resistance" that developed in the South? (CA 816)
Tweet – segregationists fought civil rights leaders, delayed disaggregation especially in schools, Ku Klux Klan used beatings and intimidation to stop desegregation

What happened in Greensboro in 1960, and what were the results of this event? (CA 817)
Tweet – college students staged a sit in, a sit in was a silent protest to desegregate businesses, later spreads across country and becomes part of the movement.

Provide a tweet describing SNCC. (CA 817)
Tweet – formed because of Greensboro sitins, organized young people for the civil rights movement focused on nonviolent protests and reenergized the movement.

Section 2 – Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights

What happened on the Freedom Rides? (CA 818, **video**)
Tweet – Protesters who road throughout the Deep South, challenging segregation laws of these areas, met with fierce resistance and violence from both the Klansman and the gov.

Can you describe the "Children's Crusade" in Birmingham? (Project "C" in Birmingham, video)
Tweet – civil rights movement done mostly by children, many defense was bitten by dogs were shot with high-pressure water hoses, many also arrested.

What was the impact of the Birmingham Protests in 1963? (CA 819-820, **video**)
Tweet – people become horrified at scenes of abuse. Many shift opinion on civil rights movement Kennedy pushes civil rights bill. Showed the suffering of blacks in the South

What was the impact of the March on Washington? (CA 820, **video**)
Tweet – as a major victory for blacks, made many blacks feel free as well as show that the civil rights movement would work. United groups on the civil rights laws.

What was the deal with the Civil Rights Act of 1964? (CA 820)
Tweet – Law finally passed by Lyndon Johnson, made segregation illegal in United States by banning it in various businesses. Supported because of Kennedy assassination,

What was Freedom Summer? (CA 821, Freedom Summer, video)
Tweet – Voter registration drive, met w/ violence, many blacks registered to vote

Tweet about the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (CA 821)
Tweet – New Voting Rights Act bans literacy tests. Allowed blacks to register to vote in south—using soldiers!

Provide a tweet describing the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965. (**video**, **video**)
Tweet – peaceful Sunday March went wrong. Police attack with tear gas, knight sticks. Hopefully cause support for civil rights.

Describe what President Johnson did as a result of the Selma march. (The Freedom March from Selma to Montgomery, AL)
LBJ announces he will send bill to congress-helps blacks to vote in elections and forces compliance.

Tweet about Johnson’s Great Society – how will it help the Movement? (CA 822)
Tweet – LBJ proposes great society plan, fixes social problems: discrimination. Helps with pollution and health care.

Tweet about the impact of the movement in the North, especially Chicago, in the later 1960s (CA 822, Chicago Freedom Movement).
Tweet – MLKjr and others petition in Chicagoà bringing little change. May soon be abandoned because of defacto segregation.

How is the Movement dividing in the later years of the 60s? (CA 822-823)
Movement dividing because peaceful protests not working. Some blacks want to get more aggressive. Malcom X, Nation of Islam urge separation.

Tweet about the ideas of Malcolm X. (CA 822, The Nation of Islam and Malcolm X)
Tweet – Originally believed in racial separation. Later rejected this after seeing Muslims of all races. Was recently killed by the Nation of Islam.

What is the story with the Black Panthers? (The Black Panther Party)
More aggressive black group= carries guns and monitors police. Believe in more violent protest.