1. After World War II, the US and the Soviet Union both occupied parts of Korea after stopping a Japanese invasion.
  2. Tensions began after the US proposed that they merge the country back together through a general election. The Soviets refused and two different governments were created.
  3. Both of these governments claimed all of the land in Korea since Civil War seemed imminent
  4. These two groups were involved in a few small skirmishes that there were no major issues until US troops withdrew in 1949.
  5. After US troops left the North Koreans backed by the Soviets attacked the militarily weaker South Koreans who struggle to defend themselves.
  6. The US later got involved and staged a massive across most of Korea known as the Inchon landing.
  7. The Chinese later reinforced the North Koreans driving US forces back to the 38th parallel, which was basically the prewar line between the areas of occupation.
  8. The leaders of the two countries that had established a cease-fire which would later become country lines, that continues on until today.
9. This conflict would be the first of many during the Cold War the UN would involved in and it also set up the US’s policy of containment as well as getting involved overseas to protect their own interests.

The Korean War has also show quite clearly that in a major conflict manpower is as important as horsepower.”- Aly Khan
Korean War Maps
This map shows the changing lines of North and South Korea during the Korean War.

This map shows the military movements on both sides during the Korean War.

This is a picture from the Korean War Memorial with stone soldiers that fought in that war.

This is a picture of Gen. McArthur during the Korean War.

This is a picture of a soldiers serving in Korea during its harsh and brutal winter.